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We get it – you need it and you needed it yesterday. We understand that the creative objectives of our customers are tied to demanding, and sometimes urgent, deadlines. That’s why you came to us! We personally assure that every member of our crew understands this and are here to help you meet those deadlines. Making a difference in your production services experience is as important to us as how we treat the environment, which is why Pacific Backlot Services is a carbon neutral company. We are committed to continued investment in green lighting technology, and recycling outdated technology responsibly. Whether you are looking for a c-stand, a skypanel, or a Z-30, you’ll find it here. Our philosophy for the company from the start was simple: buy the best, hire the best, and above all else, keep pace with the changing needs of the industry.


When we think back on our story, we realize that talking to our customers was where it all started. Pacific Backlot Services was established in 1999 as a production services company to support the great people who frequented Vancouver Film Studios, and through the years it has grown considerably. Today, Pacific Backlot Services continues to operate from our fully-secured warehouse located on the Vancouver Film Studios lot, but the Pacific Backlot Services customer base now extends to productions shooting throughout Western Canada. We offer an extensive list of top-notch production services and equipment rentals to everyone from feature films and photographers to gaming and students at local BC colleges. Large or small our crew takes great pride in providing the best service and equipment possible. Accessibility and approachability have remained our goals from day one, hoping to share our passion for providing the best in behind-the-scenes essentials that support the industry with every customer we come across. Pacific Backlot Services is an excellent one-stop shop for location equipment rentals in the Lower Mainland and on the Sea to Sky Corridor. We are proud to be owned and managed by The McLean Group of companies.

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