NEW! from Backlot: Truck Packages

The 5 Ton Combo Package

Introducing our new 5 Ton Combo Package Truck! This package has everything you need to start shooting your next MOW, commercial, or even take the place of your second unit package, TODAY! The 5 Ton Grip and Lighting Combo Package offers a great selection of tungsten, HMI, and LED lighting options to work with, as well as a full grip package. You’ve already got grip covered? No worries- we can set you up with the 5 Ton Lighting Package instead and provide you with an even more extensive range of lighting options. Whatever you’re looking for, #wegotyourback!

Wondering what’s inside the combo package? Click the link below to take a look !

5 Ton Combo Package Item List


The LED Transit Package

Got a small shoot coming up? Need to put a lighting and grip package together for your next commercial or music video shoot? Don’t worry, because at Backlot, you know #wegotyourback! Take a look at our new LED Package, available to rent now! We’ve outfitted our Ford transit with rolling package racks and permanent storage options and packed it with all the gear you need to shoot your next short project. The LED Package is stocked with both soft and spot LED lighting options as well as a complete grip package. And just in case, we’ve even left some room to spare for those oh-so-special-we-gotta-have-it-now add-on rental items. Pacific Backlot’s LED Package is all fueled up and ready for you to shoot your next documentary or short, TODAY!

Wondering what’s inside? Click the link below to take a look at what’s included in this Package!

LED Transit Package Item List


Check our our new Truck Packages HERE!