Sebastian Buck

Jon Connelly

Danny Guay

Delaney Gordon

Tiffany Huta

Allistair Metcalfe

Graham Milligan

JD Muco

Jay Parsons

Ashleigh Royle

Greg Scaman

Brandon Van Delft

Gerry Rutherford VP Production Services Pacific Backlot

Gerry Rutherford

VP, Production Services
Derek Hall General Manager Pacific Backlot

Derek Hall

General Manager
Sean Jackson Rentals Manager Pacific Backlot

Sean Jackson

Rentals Manager
Pete Mitchell President and COO

Pete Mitchell

President & COO
Natasha Dickson VP Operations

Natasha Dickson

VP, Operations
Jennifer Roe Emery VP Marketing and Sales

Jennifer Roe Emery

VP, Marketing & Sales
Tracy Rogers VP Human Resources

Tracy Rogers

VP, Human Resources
Alejandra Sorto VP Finance

Alejandra Sorto

VP, Finance
Stephane Dracopoulos Floor Manager Pacific Backlot

Stephane Dracopoulos

Floor Manager
Chris Veslemes Rentals Coordinator Pacific Backlot

Chris Veslemes

Customer Service Representative

Mike Gray

Customer Service Representative
Sara Kliewer Rentals Administrator Pacific Backlot

Sara Kliewer

Rentals Coordinator
Sarah Mauracher Image & Content Coordinator Pacific Backlot

Sarah Mauracher

Executive Assistant &
Social Media Coordinator
Tristen Lew Office Coordinator Pacific Backlot

Tristen Lew

Accounting Clerk
Tim Wearing Rentals Coordinator Pacific Backlot

Tim Wearing

Shipping & Receiving
PBS Symbol Grey.png

Chesney-Jane Skinner

Administrative Assistant




David Good 

 Fleet Manager

Scott Jackson

Maintenance Supervisor

James Ming Yu

Heavy Duty Mechanic

Darryl McCann

Dolly Technician

Antonio 'Hutch' Hutchison

Maintenance Coordinator

Graham Milligan

Maintenance Coordinator

Dean Clarke

Lift & Equipment Coordinator


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