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Our Equipment is Carbon Neutral!

In 2020 we became Climate Smart certified and this had us really thinking of all the different ways in which we can monitor our environmental footprint and actively looks for ways to reduce. Something we did a little different in 2022 was expanding our tracking to include our lifts and generators. We are now proud to say our entire fleet is carbon neutral!

One of the biggest contributors to climate change is fuel consumption and nothing on a film set is more wasteful than generators! We looked back at our shows 2022 usage and decided we need to do something about it. From now on, we will be annually tracking the generator usage from our productions and using that to have more meaningful conversations about what can be done to reduce their use! Additionally there will be a fee associated with this that productions will pay in order to assist in offsetting for their use.

We're very excited to be supporting the Great Bear Rainforest project with our offsets through Climate Smart. You can find out more information here.

Keep an eye out for our Carbon Neutral decal on all of our fleet!

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