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20kWh Battery Pack

As a Certified B Corporation™, we know that reducing your carbon footprint means protecting the future of the planet. We all know that film production isn’t always the greenest, but here at Backlot we’re trying to change that. That’s why we are constantly looking into adding the newest planet-friendly technology to our inventory to make it available for your production today.

The most recent addition to our green inventory is the Valid Power System 20kWh Battery Pack. With a continuous output of 12kW, multiple output connections and calculated display runtimes, it’s a perfect eco-sensitive solution to any production’s power needs. This pack is also whisper quiet, meaning you can park it as close to the set as you need, thereby reducing excessive cable runs. It comes charged and ready, with a 4WD, all-terrain power cart, weatherproof construction, and can operate in climates down to -30oC, making it perfect for any location your shoot takes you to. Interested in checking out our 20kWh Rover? Contact us today to add it to your rental or stop by to see it in person!


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